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IN Line

The IN line gives traditional cycling a modern twist for everywhere from roads to gravel tracks. 

The clothing features a minimal, contemporary style, on-trend colors, a racing- inspired fit, and functional technical solutions to enhance performance and comfort.


Designed for people with an independent free spirit, FREE is the go-to line for cyclists who love riding in the countryside in search of adventure or on holiday rather than for racing.

With a more relaxed fit, this incredibly versatile clothing is ideal for off-road and gravel bikes plus e-bikes and also for urban and commuter riders.


Dot insulation

Dot thermo pad classic

Dot Thermo Pad Classic synthetic padding offers thermal insulation and keeps clothing feeling soft and comfortable.

Guarantees maximum warmth even with a finer fabric. It’s uded on the outside of clothing when matched with Dot Wool Pad wadding.

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Dot thermo pad soft

Dot Thermo Pad Soft synthetic padding is high-tech thermal padding that feels as soft as down and it’s extremely light and soft. Guarantees maximum warmth. It’s perfect for high-performance clothing.

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Dot wool pad

Dot Wool natural wool wadding is uded for padding our winter clothing. It is placed inside the garments next to the body and provide enhanced comfort.

Ensures perfect insulation power and temperature regulation even in bitterly cold weather. it’s sandwiched with the Dot Thermo Pad Classic syntethic padding to deliver maximum warmth.

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