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IN Line

The IN line gives traditional cycling a modern twist for everywhere from roads to gravel tracks. 

The clothing features a minimal, contemporary style, on-trend colors, a racing- inspired fit, and functional technical solutions to enhance performance and comfort.


Designed for people with an independent free spirit, FREE is the go-to line for cyclists who love riding in the countryside in search of adventure or on holiday rather than for racing.

With a more relaxed fit, this incredibly versatile clothing is ideal for off-road and gravel bikes plus e-bikes and also for urban and commuter riders.


Dot fabrics

Dot air block

Dot Air Block fabrics guarantee windproof protection without waterproofing. They have an internal windproof coating and facilitate the transfer of water vapor molecules to the fabric’s surface enabling continual mechanical water vapor transmission via the minute pores created between the fabric and coating.

They are treated with a water-repellent surface coating.

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Dot cold

Dot Cold fabrics guarantee cold-weather protection and keep the body warm and dry. They contain stretch fibers for an exceptional fit and softness.

The special napping developed by Dotout enables the fabrics to create an air pocket between the body and fabric that increases their insulating ability and breathability.

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Dot water evo

Dot Water Evo is a two layer fabric bonded with a special membrane. Offers full protection from the rain, snow and wind, which is enhanced by heat-taping in critical areas and ensures freedom of movement.

Retains its physical, chemical and mechanical properties even after repeated washing. Is a two-way stretch or non-stretch fabric depending on the yarns used The lighter version Dot Water Evo Light guarantees the same features.

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Dot water flex

The external base fabric is made by a 100% regenerated nylon fiber deriving from pre and post consumer waste. The recovered nylon is processed through a regeneration system that first transforms it into yarn and then converted into a premium fabric.

Dot Water Flex is a compound fabric made with an outer layer of multidirectional stretch fabric bonded to an inner membrane. It is water repellent, ultra warm, breathable and guarantees the ultimate protection from the snow, rain and wind as the clothing is fully or partially heat-taped. Offers total freedom of movement and adapts to fit your body The lighter version Dot Water Flex Light guarantees the same features.

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Dot water wool

Dot Water Wool has a special two-layers construction so is ideal as the outer fabric of a garment. it’s made by bonding a layer of Dot Wool Compact Merino wool fabric to a new-generation hydrophilic monolithic polyurethane memebrane and it has a durable, ong-lasting water-repellant finish. It ensures total protection against the wind, snow and rain Retains Merino Wool’s intrinsic ability to regulate temperature while being lightweighting and breathable.

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Dot Wool Compact

Dot Wool Compact fabrics exclusively made from Merino wool using a superfine compact weave. They act as natural thermo-regulators (heat/cold) and promote warmth, breathability and quick drying.

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Dot Thermo Active Technology

Thermo Active technology has been developed to maintain perfect thermal insulation, avoiding heat loss. The fabric behaves like a reflecting barrier that sends the heat back from the body during outdoor activities, returning only the necessary quantity.

The garments made using this particular technology do not retain moisture and allow the sweat to evaporate easily, thus maintaining an optimal body temperature.