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IN Line

The IN line gives traditional cycling a modern twist for everywhere from roads to gravel tracks. 

The clothing features a minimal, contemporary style, on-trend colors, a racing- inspired fit, and functional technical solutions to enhance performance and comfort.


Designed for people with an independent free spirit, FREE is the go-to line for cyclists who love riding in the countryside in search of adventure or on holiday rather than for racing.

With a more relaxed fit, this incredibly versatile clothing is ideal for off-road and gravel bikes plus e-bikes and also for urban and commuter riders.


Dot fabrics

Dot air block

Dot Air Block fabrics guarantee windproof protection without waterproofing.

They have an internal windproof coating and facilitate the transfer of water vapor molecules to the fabric’s surface enabling continual mechanical water vapor transmission via the minute pores created between the fabric and coating.

They are treated with a water-repellent surface coating.

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Dot cold

Dot Cold fabrics guarantee cold-weather protection and keep the body warm and dry.

They contain stretch fibers for an exceptional fit and softness. The special napping developed by Dotout enables the fabrics to create an air pocket between the body and fabric that increases their insulating ability and breathability.

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Dot hot

Dot Hot fabrics guarantee breathability and light weight.

They are specifically designed for warmer climates but can also be worn in mild weather. They are made with stretch fibers to guarantee a perfect fit.

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Dot mesh

Dot Mesh fabrics are stretch mesh fabrics, inserted in key high-stress areas. They guarantee exceptional breathability and light weight and are used in high-sweat areas.

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Dot Wool Compact

They act as natural thermo-regulators (heat/cold) and promote warmth, breathability and quick drying.

Dot Wool Compact fabrics exclusively made from Merino wool using a superfine compact weave.

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Dot air & water block

Dot Air & Water Block fabrics guarantee windproof and waterproof protection. They have an internal waterproof and hydrophilic membrane that facilitate the transfer of water vapor molecules to the fabric’s surface. The greater the perspiration and the difference between the internal and external temperature, the more breathable the fabric they enable water vapor transmission via the membrane by osmosis and are treated with a water-repellent surface coating.

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Graphene technology

Polartec® Power Shield Pro® è un soft shell di nuova generazione. Un tessuto resiliente a 3 strati che protegge dalle intemperie, senza la rigidità al tatto e il rumore tipico degli hard shell. E’ il primo tessuto morbido a combinare comfort, traspirazione ed elevata protezione agli agenti atmosferici come vento forte e pioggia. l’umidità corporea migra facilmente all’esterno attraverso lo strato microporoso permeabile, mantenendo così asciutto il corpo, contrariamente a quello che succede alle altre tecnologie con membrana.

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Dot Thermo Active Technology

Thermo Active technology has been developed to maintain perfect thermal insulation, avoiding heat loss. The fabric behaves like a reflecting barrier that sends the heat back from the body during outdoor activities, returning only the necessary quantity. The garments made using this particular technology do not retain moisture and allow the sweat to evaporate easily, thus maintaining an optimal body temperature.

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Polartec® Alpha®

Polartec® Alpha® fabric worn next to the skin rapidly draws moisture away from the body to the outside, and guarantees 60% quicker drying than average fabrics. This new-generation fabric provides warmth without weight, and is hydrophobic to resist all moisture and dry incredibly fast to minimize heat loss, plus it insulates even when wet and is wind resistant. The layer of Polartec® Alpha® insulation is covered with a dual-package stretch fabric shell with a water repellent finish.

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Polartec® Power Wool®

Polartec® Power Wool® is a revolutionary, bi-component knit fabric that combines the best of both natural and synthetic fibers, all without blending. Next-to-skin Merino wool delivers on comfort, warmth, and wicking. Synthetic fibers on the outer surface of the fabric transfer moisture out while enhancing resilience and durability.

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Polartec® Neoshell®

Polartec® NeoShell® is the world’s most breathable waterproof fabric. Dynamic two-way air exchange through the fabric enhances natural thermoregulation, while keeping the body dry and still providing the protection needed by blocking 99.9% of the wind and rain. The waterproofing is permanent and guaranteed to last as it is ensured by the construction of the fabric rather than by additional coated surface treatments. Four-way-stretch fabric for active comfort.

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Polartec® Windbloc®

Polartec® Windbloc® is an advanced barrier constructed to hold up against the cold, wind, and rain. The unique polyurethane membrane blocks outside moisture and airflow at the microscopic level to guarantee weather protection, while still allowing moisture vapor to permeate outside. Outstanding thanks to its resilient stretch and greater range of motion during sports performance.

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Polartec® Power Shield Pro®

Polartec® Power Shield Pro® is a new-generation soft shell. This resilient 3-layer fabric protects against the elements, but without the stiff hand and loud noise of a hard shell. It is the first soft shell to combine breathable comfort with high-performance weather resistance against strong winds and rain. Sweat vapor moves outside easily through the permeable microporous layer to keep the body dry, unlike what happens with other membrane technologies.

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