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IN Line

The IN line gives traditional cycling a modern twist for everywhere from roads to gravel tracks. 

The clothing features a minimal, contemporary style, on-trend colors, a racing- inspired fit, and functional technical solutions to enhance performance and comfort.


Designed for people with an independent free spirit, FREE is the go-to line for cyclists who love riding in the countryside in search of adventure or on holiday rather than for racing.

With a more relaxed fit, this incredibly versatile clothing is ideal for off-road and gravel bikes plus e-bikes and also for urban and commuter riders.


Cable Bib Short.2


Cable Bib Short.2


The Cable bib short are a mix of high-performance fabrics and technology

Temperature range
17° C
35° C

Fit guide

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The Cable bib short are a mix of high-performance fabrics and technology. The special one-panel tubular construction makes the dungarees a single body on the thigh. The bottom of the leg is in Dot Gripper Light for maximum breathability and tightness without compression. The special elastic band on the back in variable tension mesh promotes maximum breathability and stability, following any movement. The horizontal elastomer reinforcements inserted directly in the weaving phase guarantee maximum hold, creating a single body with the back. The innovative Dot Free-fit System divider ensures the stability of the bib to the body and maintains the optimal positioning of the braces. The iridescent pixel Dotout logo gives the dungarees a sophisticated look. The bib shorts are suitable for cyclists who, while appreciating a tight fit, prefer a softer and more relaxed grip on the muscles, with the sensation of maximum freedom of movement and maximum comfort. With an ergonomic design and specially designed pad, these bibshorts feature in Dotout’s Ultra Distance range. The bibshorts feature the Dot Pro anatomic pad made with single-density foam (120) for comfortable stability in the saddle. Covered with an innovative fabric that improves microcirculation and provides excellent temperature regulation.

  • One panel anatomical preformed construction
  • ..
  • Anatomical waist
  • ..
  • Ultra-flat seams
  • ..
  • Back in variable tension elastic band with horizontal elastomer reinforcements inserted directly in the weaving phase for maximum tightness and breathability
  • ..
  • Braces in variable tension stretch fabric with edging
  • ..
  • Anatomic Divider Dot Free-Fit System for the stability of the bib to the body and the optimal position of the shoulder straps during movement
  • ..
  • Leg bottom in Dot Gripper Light for optimal grip without compression. The grip is guaranteed by the elastomer inserted directly during the weaving phase
  • ..
  • Dot Pro pad in fixed density foam for comfortable stability in the saddle
  • ..
  • High visibility reflective applications
  • ..
Dot free-fit system

The Dot Free-Fit System is an innovation in technical bibshort design. The "system" is constructed with Dot Sandwich technology, which uses two separate fabrics that reat to tension and slide on each other to maintain even pressure and keep the straps firmly on you shoulders, at a position of about 45°.

Dot pro

Dot Pro Pad is made by breathable stretch materials. The high-capacity 120 kg/m3 density foam provides exceptional cushioning to absorb vibrations. The foams are enclosed in a supportive casing with a density of 60 kg/m3 to ensure even greater stability.

Pro fit

Flawlessly form-fitting, technical clothing that fits like a second skin.

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