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IN Line

The IN line gives traditional cycling a modern twist for everywhere from roads to gravel tracks. 

The clothing features a minimal, contemporary style, on-trend colors, a racing- inspired fit, and functional technical solutions to enhance performance and comfort.


Designed for people with an independent free spirit, FREE is the go-to line for cyclists who love riding in the countryside in search of adventure or on holiday rather than for racing.

With a more relaxed fit, this incredibly versatile clothing is ideal for off-road and gravel bikes plus e-bikes and also for urban and commuter riders.


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Grevil a jacket


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Grevil a jacket


Grevil a is the garment that, thanks to its technology, is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers.

Temperature range
-5° C
10° C

Fit guide

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Cold Protection

Grevil a is the garment that, thanks to its ergonomics, warmth and technology, is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers. The characteristics of the garment and the comfortable fit make it suitable for a new generation cycling, in particular for gravel. Grevil a represents an extraordinary combination of technology and style. It is made with the particular Dot Sandwich structure, combining the Dot Air & Water Block Light fabric on the outside for protection from air and water, with the exclusive Polartec® Alpha® fabric on the inside. Fabric developed in collaboration with the US special forces, ensures high performances in terms of breathability, thermal protection and quick drying. The two fabrics thus assembled introduce the new concept of "active protection" of the garment, that is, maximum control of the thermal protection / body moisture disposal ratio, thus avoiding the "shiver" effect during descents or less active phases. Furthermore, Polartec® Alpha®, being a structured wadding with a particular net, is used in a "Direct" way without lining, ensuring lightness and compressibility to the garment. Polartec® fabrics guarantee the performance for which they were made throughout the life cycle of the garment.

  • Anatomical preformed construction
  • ..
  • Dot Sandwich construction: external shell in Dot Air Light for protection from the air, separated from the internal one in contact with the body made of Polartec® Alpha Direct® to ensure active protection in different climatic conditions
  • ..
  • Ergonomic funnel neck
  • ..
  • Ergonomic cuffs in Dot Cold Warm double fabric
  • ..
  • Jacket bottom in 4-way stretch stretch fabric with heat-sealed anti-slip tape for maximum adherence to the body
  • ..
  • Divisible front zip with personalized self-locking slider
  • ..
  • Front zip saver in Dot Air X-Light anti-air fabric
  • ..
  • 4 rear pockets of a Dot Safe. Pockets with internal elastic that prevents the contents from escaping
  • ..
  • High visibility reflective applications
  • ..
Dot safe

Dotout jerseys and jacket feature the Dot Safe reflective waterproof pocket to ensure maximum visibility and protect electronic devices.

Pro fit

Flawlessly form-fitting, technical clothing that fits like a second skin.

Dot sandwich

The special Dot Sandwich construction uses two different separate fabrics to improve protection against external factors, such as wind and water, thereby making the clothing warmer and more breathable.

Dotout 30 days guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase Dotout offers a 30 day from delivery by the courier, warranty within which you can return the item.

  • The warranty is valid only for items that have not been used, damaged or worn.
  • The warranty is valid only if the product has been stored in its original packaging and is in an undamaged condition.
  • All returns must be in an original condition, as new, unwashed and not worn.
  • Proof of purchase must be supplied if requested.
  • Dotout reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.