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Waterproof jacket

Pro Fit 6° / 15°
Bodylink is an innovative, aerodynamic and windproof jacket that's super stretchy, breathable and protective, ideal for spring/fall weather

Windproof jacket

Pro Fit -5° / 10°
Hybrid features an ergonomic and aerodynamic design that’s the essence of style and technology.

Thermal bib tight

Pro Fit -5° / 10°
Glacier Bib Tight is a technical, thermal and high-tech cycling bib tight
Kabrio Project
The innovative road cycling helmet

Kabrio HT is the new generation road cycling helmet, 2 helmets in 1. Compact, aerodynamic, it is designed to be worn 365 days a year.

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Windproof jacket

Pro Fit -5° / 10°
Innovative and super-stretchy, the Le Maillot windproof jacket is ideal for mild and cold weather

Thermal bib tight

Pro Fit -5° / 10°
Heat bib tights with an anatomic waist are designed to offer women the ultimate ergonomic fit.

Merino Wool jersey

Pro Fit 10° / 20°
The Fanatica Wool jersey with a Merino wool body packs in technical innovation and graphic design
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