The name Dotout combines “dot”, representing a “full stop”, and “out”. It embodies a desire for change, to punctuate your life by knowing when to put a “full stop” to your hectic schedule and day-to-day routine so you can get “out” and completely immersed in your passion and sport in the countryside.

Dotout represents the regenerative value of exercise as a natural way to combat stress and homeopathic remedy for the strain of urban life by using the vitality of exercise to reawaken dormant physical and mental energy.
Dotout is the new brand for people who know how to balance the demands of work and family with their sporting passion, people who understand that realizing your dreams and making yourself happy are essential ingredients in revealing the best of yourself to others.

Dotout's target is constituted by those who love movement, sports, outdoor activities and an active lifestyle even in everyday life.
A sophisticated consumer who search and appreciate the technical nature of the product, able to choose and mix different items for an updated style and personal.

Dotout takes a new, modern approach to sporting passion.
The distinctive BACK IN TWO HOURS tagline identifies the brand. This simple phrase sums up the lifestyle of the people who choose Dotout: people who successfully balance their sporting passion with the demands of everyday life by making time in their day for sport and wellbeing.